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JC & S 20.7 - LustreJC & S 20.7 - Lustre
South Australian
$18.50/straw, 5 or more $16

Sire: Lustre 257.22.175
Dam: Coronation 66.5

Micron 25.9 at 30 mos.
Yield 81.2%
Fleece Wt. 40 lbs.
Body Wt. 308 lbs. At 17 mos.
Long staple grower, pure wool, sound frame, good top line, wide horns. A tall square smooth bodied ram with a good topline. His wool is soft handling, bright with excellent staple length. His progeny's fleeces have won several Championships at major hand spinning shows.
The Admiral Rokeby Rok 89  2207 The Admiral Rokeby Rok 89 2207
$27/straw, 5 or more $25/straw

Sire: Merryville Ringmaster, Mr. A
Dam: Rokeby 80 329 (Elite)

Micron 17.8
Yield 71%
Fleece Wt. 19 lbs
The Admiral is a large, upstanding, well-balanced superfine Merino; his head and muzzle are faultless. He stands well on his feet and carries rich well-defined wool with an ideal tip.
Connorville 89024
$35/straw; 10 or more $32.50

Sire: N/A
Dam: N/A

Connorville 89024 is from one of Australia's leading superfine/ultrafine Merino studs. He is pure Saxon Merino. His USA progeny produce extremely bright fleeces with a high number of crimps per inch. He is ideal for the Delaine Merino breeder who wants to produce finer fleeces. His progeny do well in higher rainfall areas.
Moutere M9-87-1107 Ringmaster SilkyMoutere M9-87-1107 Ringmaster Silky
New Zealand Saxon Merryville

Sire: Merryville Ringmaster M9
Dam: Moutere M1021-82-48

Micron 16.0 at 24 mos.
Yield 71.2%
Fleece Wt. 18.5 lbs.
A heavy boned, correct ram with a well nourished, exceptionally soft handling superfine fleece, with excellent finish on the belly and legs. At five years of age, M-9 sheared 21.1 lbs. of 16.1 micron wool. A son of M-9 was judged the Supreme Champion sheep at the 1992 Canterbury Royal Show. Progeny of M-9 averaged 17.0 micron at 12 months of age.

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