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Wallaloo Park "Impact" (Merino) Wallaloo Park "Impact"
$55/straw or $50/straw for 10 or more straws

Sire: N/A
Dam: N/A

The Wallaloo Park Merino Stud is one of the most elite fine wool studs in Australia. Impact is a true dual purpose sire. His progeny have tremendous early growth rate.

Impact's fleece averaged 18.2 microns with a C.V. 14.8 and a CF of 99.7%. He's a very large ram (310 pounds) for his micron and he has a great top line.

The Admiral Rokeby Rok 89  2207 The Admiral Rokeby Rok 89 2207
$27/straw, 5 or more $25/straw

Sire: Merryville Ringmaster, Mr. A
Dam: Rokeby 80 329 (Elite)

Micron 17.8
Yield 71%
Fleece Wt. 19 lbs
The Admiral is a large, upstanding, well-balanced superfine Merino; his head and muzzle are faultless. He stands well on his feet and carries rich well-defined wool with an ideal tip.
Connorville 89024
$35/straw; 10 or more $32.50

Sire: N/A
Dam: N/A

Connorville 89024 is from one of Australia's leading superfine/ultrafine Merino studs. He is pure Saxon Merino. His USA progeny produce extremely bright fleeces with a high number of crimps per inch. He is ideal for the Delaine Merino breeder who wants to produce finer fleeces. His progeny do well in higher rainfall areas.
Moutere M9-87-1107 Ringmaster SilkyMoutere M9-87-1107 Ringmaster Silky
New Zealand Saxon Merryville

Sire: Merryville Ringmaster M9
Dam: Moutere M1021-82-48

Micron 16.0 at 24 mos.
Yield 71.2%
Fleece Wt. 18.5 lbs.
A heavy boned, correct ram with a well nourished, exceptionally soft handling superfine fleece, with excellent finish on the belly and legs. At five years of age, M-9 sheared 21.1 lbs. of 16.1 micron wool. A son of M-9 was judged the Supreme Champion sheep at the 1992 Canterbury Royal Show. Progeny of M-9 averaged 17.0 micron at 12 months of age.

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